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2012.02.27 Case of points for dental treatment
2007.09.12 Porous calcium phosphates using a hydrothermal hot pressing method and Preparation thereof
2006.03.16 Inorganic bone cement with high strength
2006.03.07 A Porous Hydroxyapatite Containing Silicon and Magnesium,
and a Preparation Method Thereof
2005.03.25 Silicon and Magnesium-containing hydroxyapatite and process for the preparation thereof Domestic
2005.03.02 Porous calcium phosphates using a natural coral andpreparation thereof
2005.02.16 Preparation of Si,Mg-containing hydroxyapatite whiskerusing a hydrothermal method and its application
2004.11.10 Composition of dental root canal filling sealer
2002.05.02 Biodegradable guided tissue regeneration in teriodontaldental therapy and methods of producing the same
2002.05.02 A teethridege tissue recovery membrane, and a process of preparing the same
2002.05.02 An irritant liquid for root canal of tooth
2002.04.15 A water soluble and biodegradable polymer gel, and aprocess of preparing for the same