Business Philosophy

Philosophy of Meta Biomed

  • Management Philosophy

    Envision the Future!

  • Mission(reason for being)

    Prevent and treat human diseases
    and serve for longevity, health, and
    happy life of humanity  

  • Vision(Dream, Future vision)

    5 trillion KRW sales in 2030 Growing
    as a global biomedical company
    with 5 World-Class Products  

Core value

Principle and standards for decision-making

  • Diamond Quality

    Top quality that can be trusted

    Making products that can be
    safely used by you and your family  

  • Gold Service

    Best service that can bring satisfaction

    Putting ourselves in customers’ shoes
    and taking action in advance  

  • Silver Price

    Competitive, reasonable price

    Pricing in a way that brings more value
    to customers than the price they pay