Introduction of Research Institute

Meta Biomed Co., Ltd. runs technology research center and medical research center,
conducting technology development and research in order to contribute to development of the medical industry and
biotechnology and to build a foundation in the bio industry.

Technology research center that contributes to improving nation’s health and medicine as well as healthcare and medical industries through development of top-quality biocompatible medical materials and devices

Meta Biomed Technology Research Center
continuously researches biocompatible medical materials such as dental materials, orthopedic materials, neurosurgical materials, and biodegradable polymer suture as well as medical devices.
Through our R&D effort, we strive to develop medical materials and devices that enable reliving pain and proving fast healing while allowing the medical staff to perform precise treatment with ease, in order to ensure healthy, happy, and long life of humanity.  

Medical material team

The team researches and develops bone graft, a material used for endodontic treatment and orthopedic treatment. Starting with the root canal filling, which formed the basis for us to grow as a dental material manufacturer, we have developed over 20 products so far.

Currently, in the field of dentistry, we are developing bio-ceramic and silicon sealers that can replace the conventional resin-based sealers endodontic treatment. Bio-ceramic sealer is bio-compatible as it uses calcium silicate and hydrophilic polymer, while improving success of the treatment by three-dimensionally sealing the root canal. Silicon sealer is advantageous for re-endo treatment because of its excellent radiopacity and ease of removal. In the future, we are planning to expand our business to dental prosthetics as well.  

 In the fields of orthopedics and neurosurgery, we have developed bone graft and cement products using hydroxyapatite, biphasic calcium phosphate, and β-tricalcium phosphate, substituting silicon ions. Bone cement fixes bone and implant based on polymerization of PMMA and MMA, like NTCem, which is used for hips and knees, and NTCem-Spine, which is used for filling empty space created due to spine fracture or osteoporosis. Currently, we are conducting research to improve radiopacity and working time by adjusting the amount of filler added to the material.

Bio material team

Based on our technology for processing biocompatible medical polymer, we are developing medical devices for surgery and orthopedics.

We have developed a non-degradable surgical clip, and are currently developing diverse products such as biodegradable surgical clip, biodegradable anastomosis device, and biodegradable bone plate & screw.

In addition, we are striving to develop medical materials and devices that can be applied to various bio fields.

SM development team

Based on our technology for synthesizing biodegradable polymer and spinning and manufacturing thread, we have developed biodegradable and non-degradable suture threads.

Currently, we are developing a variety of products using biodegradable and non-degradable suture threads.

In addition, we are developing medical biodegradable polymer based on our medical biodegradable polymer synthesis technology.

CM development team

Based on our core competence related to biodegradable polymer, we are developing medical devices and products for aesthetic and plastic surgery in order to help create and maintain human beauty.

Through active research and technology innovation, we will strive to become a global leader of the beauty and plastic surgery markets.