Philosophy of Personnel Management

People we look for

    Someone who challenges

    People with the challenging spirit, passion, and joy

    Someone who can communicate

    People who communicate with one another

    Someone who is innovative

    People with Innovative ideas and actions

    Someone who is creative

    People who lead change based on ideas

Employee Welfare

  • Celebrate

    Provides allowance for family events and gift for the employee’s birthday  
  • Awarding

    Commendation and prize for outstanding employees  
  • Community

    Support for in-company clubs and mentoring system  
  • Vacation

    Summer vacation, condo, and weekend farm  
  • Health

    In-company sport facility, total health checkup
  • Life

    Dormitory, 3 free meals per day  
  • Education

    Education expense support
    (for language studies),
    tuition support (for one’s college
    and graduate school),
    support for children’s tuition