Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Ultrasound Diagnostic System SmartSono MS-09 – Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System based on PC and Ultrasound front-end combined with kinds of advanced image processing technology at hospital.


* Automatically adjusts software : prevents damage to the system

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    Features of SmartSono MS-09:

    ◎ Easy to Use
    ㆍSimplified ergonomic controls ensure that physicians go beyond the physical exam while capturing quality images quickly and easily.
     - Ergonomic design
     - On screen menu: provides interactive interface
     - 4 Transducers Connectors: provides more convenient choice
    ㆍPractical and effective ergonomic design
     - 15’’ LCD Monitor
     -  Height adjustable control panel
     - Four active port for connecting the probes
     - Storage space
     - Connectors for peripheral Device
     - 4 wheels swivel / 2-4 wheels lock

    ◎ Versatility
    -SMARTSONO system provides a full range of quick change,   light probes covering all areas of study
    - DICOM

    ◎ Excellent image quality
    SmartSono's unique image processing techniques with high frequency transducers ensure the high quality image which provide much more clear information and improved spatial and
    temporal resolution
    - META-IQET technology
    - META-MB
    - Broad band imaging with Digital Beam forme